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Rulebook data is a collection of state and federal court rules and other selected publications such as the Bluebook and selected pieces of the CFR and USC.  You can lease access to these continuously updated materials for the period specified (usually one year) on this site, before or after downloading the Rulebook app, and then the materials (books) will be available for download to your mobile device.  In addition, the Libra site can also be used to do your legal research if you prefer a traditional web site interface.   Materials with subsections are formatted accordingly with proper indenture.  Formal citations to other types of law (statutes, cases, acts, etc.) are active links to Casemaker where that document is provided free of charge.


If you’re not a Casemaker user you still get free access to whatever formal citations are linked in the Libra documents you lease. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to Casemaker when you follow a linked citation.